Top 5 Street Food Snacks in Myanmar

Food is a big part of Myanmar culture! In addition to three meals a day, snacks are a regular part of the daily routine. A mid-morning break and 3pm tea break are common, in offices and in home life. In the cities and in small towns, snacks are available from morning till night. Some vendors carry their snacks in baskets, others […]

Myanmar: The Luxury List

Although Myanmar’s infrastructure and tourism industry are still developing, there are plenty of luxury options for the discerning traveler.  From incredible hotels to top-notch guides, exquisite meals to memorable excursions, Myanmar has all of the elements for a luxury holiday. The Odyssey Myanmar team has options to fit every travel style, from budget-minded adventurers to […]

Myanmar's Best Coffee

If you visited Myanmar in the past, you may have noticed that tea dominated the menu at cafes. Very few places sold espresso-based drinks and it was hard to get anything other than instant coffee at hotels and restaurants. Fortunately, that has all changed and coffee has been steadily growing in popularity among Myanmar residents. […]

Myanmar's Most Beautiful Waterways

Mother nature has blessed Myanmar with a range of spectacular waterways! Lakes, rivers, waterfalls, deltas and coastal beaches can all be found within its borders.  Most travelers get a sampling of these sites, perhaps taking a sunset boat ride in Bagan or exploring the villages on Inle Lake. But there are so many more amazing places to […]

Family Holidays in Myanmar

Planning a family holiday? Myanmar is an ideal destination for families! Not only are there a range of activities and hotels to suit all ages, but the country is also safe and extremely affordable. As an added bonus, the friendly nature of the local people helps kids (and adults!) feel welcomed and comfortable. In this […]

Myanmar Festivals

Experience a local festival on your next Myanmar holiday! Myanmar’s calendar is full of festivals. Seemingly every week, there is festive celebration or a cultural event of some description.  Which is good news for travelers- during your Myanmar holiday you are almost certain to experience a festival of some kind!  The main festivals are based […]

Alternative Yangon Day Trips

Yangon is Myanmar’s largest city and commercial capital.  Although there is plenty to see and do for visitors, it is nice to take a day away from the city to escape the traffic and congestion.  There are several interesting sites on Yangon’s outskirts that make for interesting, alternative excursions. If you have an extra day […]

Preserving Myanmar's Wildlife

Due to its diverse landscapes, Myanmar is home to a vast range of flora and fauna.  Tigers reside in the northern forests, crocodiles live in the delta region and rare snub-nosed monkey’s hide out in the mountains- just a few of the exotic species found within Myanmar’s borders. As the country has developed, many of […]

Top 5 Myanmar Souvenirs

Aside from the usual postcards, refrigerator magnets and t-shirts, Myanmar has wonderful handicrafts that make ideal souvenirs. Not only will these items remind you of your fond trip to Myanmar, they will also look beautiful when on display in your home or office.  Here is our suggestions for the top five Myanmar souvenirs: LACQUERWARE – […]

Riding the rails in Myanmar

All aboard- trains are a fabulous way to explore Myanmar! Not only is rail travel more environmentally friendly and more comfortable than bus or plane, it is also easier to socially distance when on a train.  There are other benefits to train travel, too, especially when exploring a new destination. The slower pace of train […]

Myanmar's Best Beaches

Part of what makes Myanmar such an alluring destination is its diverse mix of things to do and places to see. The historic architectural sites, natural wonders and traditional culture are enough to keep travelers busy for weeks or even months! After all this exploring, a few days spent relaxing at the beach are the […]

Self-Drive Holidays

Safe, Fun Ways to Escape the Crowds After months of lockdown, we are all dreaming of traveling again! With our traveler’s safety in mind, Odyssey has designed self-drive Myanmar holidays – memorable adventures that avoid the crowds while showcasing the most beautiful parts of the country. Rather than flying from A to B, you’ll traverse […]

Update from Odyssey- New Office & More!

A lot has been happening Odyssey Travels & Tours in recent weeks, despite working from home. When travel is ready to resume, the Odyssey team will be ready to go with a new focus and new vision for tourism. Of course we will continue to offer the same great service, the same commitment to quality […]

Myanmar on Two Wheels

Going on a bike ride in Myanmar is one of the best experiences you can have! The country is filled with quiet side roads and scenic trails ideal for cycling and being on a bike means you travel a bit slower, allowing you more time to soak up the sights and sounds. There is a […]

Culinary Delights of Myanmar

Sar Pe Bi Lar? On your Myanmar holiday, you will certainly be asked this question which means ‘Have you already eaten?” It is a common greeting and shows how important food and dining are in the local culture.  At Odyssey we believe that discovering Myanmar’s culinary culture is a key part of the travel experience! […]

Stepping off the Tourist Trail in Myanmar

Beyond Myanmar’s glittering temples, historic facades and bustling cities lie rural villages rarely visited by tourists. At Odyssey, we believe that no Myanmar journey is complete without stepping into one of these villages. Spending a few hours- or days- in these villages is the best way to experience local life and forge a deeper connection […]

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