The world is a big, bold, beautiful place with remarkable travel opportunities on every continent. While Southeast Asia and Myanmar have an abundance of holiday options to offer, heading further afield is well-worth it!  Gaze at the northern lights in Iceland, wander through Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, trek to the Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan and much, much more!



We’ve hand selected some of our favorite global destinations to inspire your next holiday- places that excite intrepid travelers, the culturally curious and families. If the options still seem overwhelming, the travel experts at Odyssey Travel team can help you chose the right country for your next overseas journey and plan the perfect itinerary to match your travel style!


In the last decade, Iceland has grown in to one of the world’s most popular travel destinations! With a treasure trove of natural wonders to discover- glaciers, fjords, waterfalls and more- a minimum of five days is recommended but if you can stay longer, you will not regret it! Whether you dream of seeing the Northern Lights, fancy trying dog-sledding or are simply craving the great outdoors, Odyssey can plan the perfect Iceland holiday for you!


Discover why Bhutan is the ‘happiest country on earth’! The tiny Himalayan kingdom captivates all visitors with its intoxicating mix of dramatic scenery, elaborate shrines and a timeless way of life. Trek to timeless villages, spot exotic wildlife and be enchanted by the magic of Tiger’s Nest Monastery- a holiday to Bhutan should be on every traveler’s bucket list!


Often overshadowed by European destinations like France, Spain and Italy, Greece and Turkey are equally enticing and with far fewer tourist crowds. These Mediterranean countries tick all the boxes for a great holiday: rich history, spectacular beaches, incredible food and an affordable price. Whether traveling solo, as a couple or as a family, Odyssey can design a memorable Turkey or Greece holiday for you!


New Zealand is one of our favorite destinations for adventure lovers and families. The North Island boasts stunning beaches, culture-packed urban centers and famous vineyards while the South Island is more renowned for its rugged inland mountains, lakes and fjords. Of course, if you have enough time, your New Zealand holiday should include both islands so talk to the Odyssey Travels team to start planning your perfect journey.


From the buzzing streets of Tokyo to the majestic peak of Mt Fuji, the imposing sumo wrestlers to elegant geishas, Japan is a land of contrasts with something new to explore at every turn. Experience this intoxicating country and its deep-rooted traditions on a memorable Japan holiday, custom made by the Odyssey Travels team to fit your personal travel interests.


Think of Nepal and Mt Everest probably springs to mind- but there is much more to explore in this Himalayan paradise, especially for intrepid travelers! Soak up the kaleidoscope of colors and sounds in Kathmandu, spot exotic animals in Chitwan National Park, trek the endless mountain trails and unwind at the lakeside town of Pohkara. From start to finish, Odyssey’s Nepal holidays are packed with memorable moments!

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